Hindustani Music in Colonial Bombay

ISBN(s) 978-81-88789-96-2
Pub. Date November 2014
Pages pp xii, 348, plus 36 pages of photographs
Dimensions demy octavo 8.5 x 5.5 in., includes bibliographies and index
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Hardcover 978-81-88789-96-2
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This book focuses on Bombay’s role in modernising the world of Hindustani music in the colonial era and in moulding the ethos surrounding this musical tradition. Changing patterns of patronage, performance and pedagogy, are elaborated upon, and adaptive strategies employed by musicians to cope with the new colonial urban environment are examined. The author discusses the interface between Hindustani musicians and theatre and cinema, and the impact of gramophone recordings and broadcasting on Hindustani music, in the context of Bombay.

Based on primary and secondary source material, and oral histories, this book will be of academic interest to scholars working in the fields of colonial history, music history, urban studies, and musicology, and, of course, to all lovers of Indian classical music.




1. The City Beckons

2. Private Patronage

3. Music Clubs

4. Music Schools

5. Music Conferences

6. Music Circles

7. Adaptive Strategies: Pedagogy

8. Adaptive Strategies: Performance

9. Unconventional Performance Explorations


Appendices: Interviews




About Aneesh Pradhan Read full profile ›

Aneesh Pradhan is a scholar, teacher, composer and an acclaimed practitioner of Hindustani music. He has been recorded extensively by national and international music labels, and is recipient of prestigious awards. He writes frequently for... Read more

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